Introducing… 3 Paleo Energy Bars That Will Rock Your World!

Introducing… 3 Paleo Energy Bars That Will Rock Your World!

It’s May, which means flowers and longer evenings and school’s almost out. It also means new things. For us over here at Paleo Eats, it means introducing our spring lineup: 3 Paleo Energy Bars that will rock your world! Yes, you’re probably already well acquainted with each of our rad Paleo treats. But we’re pretty certain you’ve never been formally introduced, so let’s make it official. Onward into Paleo Awesomeness…

To begin, I’ll touch on a few of the multitalented Paleo ingredients used in ALL of our Paleo Eats bars. These include:

    Whoa. How’s that for eating Paleo on the go? Yup, it’s exciting. It also means we should probably delve a little deeper and dissect a few of these organic Paleo ingredients.


    Not only are the medium-chain fatty acids found in organic coconut oil easy to digest, they’re quite good for your health. Rather than being stored in your body as fat, these fatty acids immediately convert into energy. The bottom line is that we need healthy fats in our diet (for lots of reasons) and organic coconut oil is one of the best ways to get them in there. Plus, coconut oil adds a lovely flavor to pretty much anything—especially paleo brownies!


    Hands down, organic maple syrup (and raw honey, of course!) is one of my favorite natural sweeteners. Here are five reasons why maple syrup is The Best.

    1. Maple syrup is an unrefined natural sweetener (hint: white sugar is refined) and, as such, its glycemic index is 54 (hint: white sugar is about 65). This means it has less of a dramatic effect on your blood sugar levels when you eat it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a sugar, so you don’t want to have too much of it. But, if your energy bar is going to be sweetened, which they all are in some way or another, it might as well be with organic maple syrup (and organic dates and raw honey, á la Paleo Eats).
    2. Because it isn’t stripped or highly processed, maple syrup actually offers nutrients to your body, including some trace minerals like manganese and zinc. Score.
    3. Get rid of the white sugar and roll out the maple syrup (in moderation) and you’re one step closer to improved digestion. How? Well, as Dr. Axe puts it: …one of the biggest steps you can take to heal leaky gut and autoimmune disorders is to reduce refined sugar intake and opt for small amounts of natural sweeteners instead.
    4. Maple syrup is full of polyphenols—plant-based compounds that work as antioxidants—making it a big contestant (verdict is still out, though the jury is leaning towards guilty… of being a cancer fighter) for helping prevent inflammatory diseases like cancer and osteoporosis.
    5. Whenever you want to add a tad bit of sweetener, to anything, maple syrup works. In your morning coffee, over some paleo pancakes, or even in place of a Gu during your next trail ultramarathon. Not only does maple syrup taste delicious, provide trace minerals and nutrients, and help reduce inflammation, it also pairs well with pretty much anything and is a rockstar at giving you easily accessible energy (sugar) when you need it (sports).   

    Though I’d love to comb through the remaining organic ingredients in our Paleo Eats bars (look for more ingredient unveilings in a future Paleo Eats blog post), I’ll wrap things up with a quick introduction, as promised. 


    Throw in some authentic chai spices and you’ve got our Paleo Eats Chai Spice bar, otherwise known as Super-Chai! Free of preservatives and processed sugar, our Chai Spice Paleo Eats Bar is like a superhero (without the mask) swooping in to save you from every candy bar villain out there.


    Scale things back a little in the spice department, but add in some organic dairy-free dark chocolate chips and organic raw cacao powder and you have the one and only Paleo Eats Coconut-Cacao bar. Holy cacao, this one calls for a blog post all its own. Seriously. And to be honest, when we make a batch, we kind of want to keep them all to ourselves. But don’t worry, we’ll share the Paleo love with you.


    To shake up the status quo and get the engine going a little, we’ve added in some organic ground coffee beans and manifested the Paleo Eats Coffee Bean bar. This Paleo energy bar satisfies even the most versed of coffee roasters and bean connoisseurs. Perfect for bullet coffee devotees and Paleo Pioneers alike, this bar is about thriving through your days, not just “making it” through your afternoons.

    coffee beans

    And there you have it. Paleo Compadres, food-lovers, and health nuts far and wide, meet our sturdy lineup of incredible Paleo bars. Paleo Eats bars, meet your newest, most enthusiastic fans ever. I’ll leave y’all to it. Enjoy!

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