Back to School Paleo Lunches

Back to School Paleo Lunches

Back to school always seems to start earlier (or later) than you wanted or hoped, and that’s why here at Paleo Eats we think it’s time for a back to school blog post. This one’s about how to pack the tastiest Back to School Paleo lunches, for your kids and for yourself. It’s the end of August and we’ve already seen the multicolored swimmies, packaged badminton sets, and two-piece bathing suits disappear from store shelves long ago, only to be replaced with spiral Mead notepads, yellow Ticonderoga pencils, and bright, new backpacks. The thing is, you can never prepare too much for back to school, especially if you want your kids’ lunches (fingers crossed, you never know what they barter during lunchtime) to be wholesome, nutritious, and satisfying Paleo meals and Paleo snacks.

Below we’ve rounded up a few Paleo food lists, Paleo recipes, and Paleo snack ideas for you to springboard with into the schooldays ahead. We’re hoping this little back to school post helps save you and your kids from reaching for the Lunchables and Coke come September.


As in most situations, vegetables should probably make up the bulk of your back to school Paleo lunches (and every meal, for that matter). Here’s a list of some of our favorite Paleo-Friendly veggies and how you can include them in easy school lunches, especially if prepared in bulk ahead of time.

  • Sweet Potatoes: Pre-cook (roasted, baked, boiled) a huge batch of sweet potatoes over the weekend and have them for the week! Perfect for German potato salad, or pecan mashed yams.
  • Bell Peppers: Red, yellow, green, orange. Bell peppers come in an assortment of hues (and flavors) and are delicious sautéed with onions and sausage, or served in slices with Paleo hummus.
  • Beets: Beets also come in a few different, bright, gemlike colors. They also taste sweet, which means kids usually dig ‘em. Nature’s candy? Yes, please! 
      Meats + Fish + Eggs

      For a moderate amount of readily-absorbed heme iron and lean protein in your kid’s school lunch, definitely add in some (whenever you can and as $ allows) locally sourced, grass-fed beef. For some omega-3 essential fatty acids, pick a fish (salmon, tilapia, salty sardines, tuna) and flow with it. What about eggs? Yup, hard boil ‘em up and add those eggs into almost anything, including a tuna fish salad made with Paleo mayo, raisins, hemp seeds, sea salt, and your favorite chopped nuts! Here are a few kid-approved meat faves to get you started.

      Here's a list of Paleo-Friendly fats to include (in moderation) while making amazing back to school Paleo lunches for your next of kin...
      • Coconut Oil
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Ghee (clarified butter)
      • Grass-Fed Butter
      • Avocado Oil
      And now, a list of Paleo-Friendly snacks you and your kids will love—before, during, and after school.

      So obviously there’s plenty more to explore in the world of back to school Paleo lunch ideas, but we think these lists get you off to a pretty good start. Want to add to our lists? Send us a note and tell us how you keep it Paleo once all the homework, after-school activities, and calculators kick into full gear.

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