Behind The Scenes At Paleo Eats: Newly Sponsored Athletes, Bars Delivered to Your Door, & Expanded Distribution!

Behind The Scenes At Paleo Eats: Newly Sponsored Athletes, Bars Delivered to Your Door, & Expanded Distribution!

October’s post goes behind the scenes at Paleo Eats to give you a taste of all the changes we’ve got going on for this fall and beyond. From newly sponsored athletes to a Healthy Living and Gluten Free Expo to a BRAND NEW subscription service, Paleo Eats is shifting its colors like the Aspen and Maple outside your door—brightly and with confidence. We welcome you to experience the gradual transformation of our Paleo bar company as it continues to take flight, discover new directions, and feed the world healthy Paleo food!


Paleo Eats Sponsored Athletes: CrossFit & Beyond

First up are our sponsored athletes. Cody Anderson, a local CrossFitter out of Central Oregon CrossFit in Redmond, has been a Paleo Eats sponsored athlete with us since the beginning. Here’s what Cody, also a coach with Central Oregon CrossFit, has to say about what he does.

CrossFit Cody Anderson

“I started coaching with COCF… after getting my Level 1 CrossFit Certification… I LOVE it! It is amazing seeing people grow stronger and get faster everyday. It makes me feel like I have the best job in the world.”

We love having Cody on the team and look forward to continuing to support his healthy Paleo lifestyle and CrossFit goals.

While fairly new to the Paleo Eats team, our second sponsored athlete couldn’t be a better fit. Domenico Palandri, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter from Illinois, has quite a few accomplishments under his belt, including

  • 8X Chicago Open Champion (with a gold medal at every belt level) at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Tournaments   
  • 2016 Silver Medal at Pan Americans
  • 2015 Bronze Medal at Pan Americans
  • 1X Chicago Open ABSOLUTE Champion (all weight classes)
  • 3X Chicago Open Silver medalist
  • 2X Chicago Open Bronze Medalist

Domenico jiu jitsu

In addition to Jiu Jitsu, Domenico has also trained with the Navy Seals and completed a RUCK Challenge. Oh, and he loves our Paleo Eats bars! We heart Domenico, and aim to keep him fueled with our sustaining Paleo ingredients for years to come. Interested in becoming a Paleo Eats sponsored athlete? Shoot us an email and see what happens!    


Healthy Living and Gluten Free Expo 

gluten free epo

On a recent weekend in September, Paleo Eats owner Debbie Fred made the trek over to Salem, Oregon for the Healthy Living and Gluten Free Expo. Debbie had a rockin’ Paleo Eats booth from which she handed out samples, sold bars, and signed people up for her Paleo Eats newsletter (coming soon!). There were over 3,000 people in attendance and the response to Paleo Eats was a resoundingly positive one. We’ll take that as a win.


Unofficial PSA: Paleo Eats Coming to a Planet Fitness Near You

Not only can you now find Paleo Eats at many airports, specialty food stores, and the Starbucks Headquarters, you’ll soon (fingers crossed) start encountering our Paleo bars at ALL (2,000!) Planet Fitness gyms across the country. Yup. Thanks to one of our food vendors, Paleo Eats recently partnered with Vengo. You know, the futuristic vending machines seen on Shark Tank. And Vengo is currently working on bringing their easy-to-operate and convenient vending machines to Planet Fitness. Which means: high-fives all around!


A Few Other Points of Awesomeness

  • Our BRAND NEW Subscription Service! When you buy our delicious Paleo bars through the site, you’ll have the option to either get your feet wet and buy one box of goodness at a time, or dive completely in and join our subscription service (which saves you 10% on every order and delivers Paleo Eats right to your door!). Yesss.
  • Thanks to our new partnership with Pacific Edge Events, you’ll find our Paleo bars being promoted throughout the year at a number of events in Oregon, including Oktoberfest, Subaru Outside Games, and more. Be sure to say hello to Travis (he’ll be our brand ambassador for these), try a Paleo bar sample, and sign up for our newsletter. See you out there!
  • We hired a new Creative Director (again, keepin’ it local) through Resonant Agency. He’s fabulous. And helped us create this with White Knuckle Studios.
  • We’ve also started working with Ryder Redfield, an incredibly talented National Geographic photographer who will be helping us with a Paleo Eats lifestyle photo shoot. Keep an eye out for his stunning images soon. 

And that’s a Paleo Eats wrap. Have questions for us? Want to know more about what we’ve got up our sleeves? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email or connect with us through one of our social media platforms. We’re here and we’re listening.

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