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How to Eat Locally with the Paleo Diet

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In this month’s Paleo Eats blog post, we’re going to talk a little about how and why to eat locally with the Paleo diet. That is, when you’re practicing the Paleo way of life, what does that mean for your options for sourcing food locally? 

Albeit a bit pricey if you go full bore at the farmer’s market every week, eating locally with the Paleo diet is perhaps one of the easiest things you can do. Depending on where you live, eating local can increase the chances you’ll be accessing either some kind of roadside fruit and vegetable stand, in the very least, or your city’s version of a farmer’s market (best case scenario). If choosing to allot the extra pesos and eat locally drives you to the nearest of either of these, and away from the processed food wonderlands that have become our supermarkets, that’s a win. For farmers and for local purveyors, and for your body.

Why Eat Locally on the Paleo Diet?

Including as many organic vegetables and fruits and meats in your world is, essentially, the way of the Paleo diet. And sourcing that food locally, whether from a farmer’s market, CSA, or a designated section of your local grocery store (fingers crossed they have a local + organic section!), gives you the opportunity to beeline the source-to-stomach route and take in the best of the best for what your body needs to thrive. Choosing local produce also helps you eat what’s in season for your locale, which can translate to variety, better nutrition, and creating some neat Paleo recipes with endive fronds or mustard greens

Hit Up the Farmer’s Market for Fresh, Organic, and Green Goodness

This one goes without saying. If you’re looking for the freshest, most organic (is that even a thing?), greenest goodness you can buy locally, your local farmer’s market is the way to go. Granted, again, this all depends on where you live. But even if you don’t have a farmer’s market in your specific town, there’s bound to be one within driving distance. If not, you can always investigate your CSA options or, gasp, even grow some of your own food. Whatever the means, getting to interact with and directly pay local farmers are just two more reasons, atop the health-factor, to source locally for your Paleo diet needs. 

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Eating Locally Doesn’t Always Have to Cost, Like, A Gazillion Dollars

Yes, eating locally and sourcing all your food from local farmer’s markets, co-ops, and locavores is, generally speaking, a rather expensive endeavor. But no one is saying you need to buy every single thing locally and/or directly. Sometimes it’s about picking and choosing a few Paleo food items to buy from a local source—whether that be meat from a nearby ranch, carrots from down the street, or eggs from your favorite farm—and then doing the best you can with the rest of your grocery list.

Whatever you can do to put good, close-to-home, functional foods into your basket, as well as money into the pockets of local farmers, is going to be worthwhile. Remember, farmers work hard and, believe it or not, the beautiful bounty that is your locally sourced side salad is actually inexpensive compared to the amount of work and resources and time that went into creating it.


Now go forth, source some local vegetables and meat from your hardworking farmers and ranchers, and fuel the awesomeness that is your Paleo diet. ’Til next time, happy local eating.

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