Local “Cavemen” Star in New Paleo Eats Video

Local “Cavemen” Star in New Paleo Eats Video


What would happen if a prehistoric hunter-gatherer couple found the most delicious and filling 21st-Century meal bar?

The Paleo lifestyle brings ancient dietary principles to life, and our new ad campaign brings a prehistoric couple to the digital screen. Local actors Cricket and Todd rocked the leopard print in a video that’s already gotten thousands of views.

This summer, Paleo Eats began working with Resonant Agency of Bend, Oregon to bring our Paleo Eats brand to a new level. Led by Creative Director, Kelly Walker, we enjoyed watching creative ideas coming to life.

The process began with questions about our product, our company goals and the characteristics of our audience—that was the left-brained part. We chose the tagline, “Live Life Full” to express how well Paleo Eats meal bars satisfy the hunger craving, and support the soul craving to live life at its fullest.

The right brain part was the most fun, as Kelly and his assistant Carl developed several hilarious ideas. This work led to a coherent, fun campaign, and we began filling in the details. Kelly prepared a video storyboard and contracted White Knuckle Studios to handle filming of our very first video ad.

We spent the better part of a day along the Deschutes River, enjoying Cricket and Todd’s goofy energy as they threw themselves into the role. They nailed it! Our new video got over 7,000 views in its first day shared on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can watch the video HERE

Watch for our caveman couple to star in future videos…and they might even show up in person around Bend. More fun to come!



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