Paleo Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

Paleo Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

Kid approved and easy to make!

In my last blog, A Revealing Q and A, I talked about how, as a parent of young kids (and as a wife) I have learned to be a "sneaker".


To me, being a sneaker means getting healthy ingredients into a form that tastes great and doesn't seem different. And really, that is how my Paleo Eats bars came to be and what they are all about.


This time I want to share some awesome, kid-friendly Paleo recipes that I think will be a hit in your house, kids or not!


Sweet Treats


The blog Dash of Vegan Butter has a great recipe for Mango-Honey Fruit leather. This is yummy and it travels well, great for lunches, trips, and "I want a snack!" demands right before dinner.


Mango Honey Fruit Leather


Who doesn't love apple pie? If you don't, it's safest not to mention it. I know my kids love this "Grandma's Apple Pie in a Jar" that I found on Paleo Grubs. It's delicious, and they like each getting their own jar and seeing the layers. Plus, if you have modelled your decor after Chip and Joanna Gaines- "shiplap!" then the mason jars will fit the theme nicely.


Grandma's Apple Pie in a Jar


Banana bread. Is it breakfast? Yes. Is it a snack? Yes. Is it lunch? Maybe. Mommy's busy. From Katrina Nixon's blog, I Can't Eat What? comes a wonderful Paleo banana bread with allergen-free options.


Paleo Banana Bread





Debra Worth is a Mom that knows what kids like. In her blog, Worth Cooking, Debra hits the nail on the head with her ranch chicken tenders. Kids tend to love both chicken that has been tendered or nuggetized and anything ranch-seasoning flavored. Moms tend to like meals that are both healthy and easy to make. Win-win.


Ranch Chicken Tenders


Are you ready for this one? The Jan's Sushi Bar blog features... meatloaf cupcakes with sweet potato frosting. Yes, it seems a bit strange, but they're quite tasty and presented in a form that kids have trouble arguing with. What are we having for dinner? Cupcakes!!


Meatloaf Cupcakes with Sweet Potato Frosting


Here's another finger-food option that kids love, and I am getting hungry just thinking about. Mini Hamburger bites! They are so simple to make, and they are an excellent option as appetizers for a party. I think I just decided what we are having for dinner tonight. And get out my country-couture jars, kids, if we can get through a meal with minimal crying, its apple pie in a jar for dessert!


Mini Hamburger Bites


What makes it kid-friendly? You may have noticed a theme in these recipes. In my view, some important considerations for energizing kids around food include choosing ingredients they have heard of, presenting it in fun/recognizable ways, and being hands-on- food they can pick up. Speaking of hands-on, these are also the kind of simple recipes that lend themselves to little kitchen helpers. Fussy kids are more likely to get excited about a meal that they help prepare.


There are endless kid-friendly Paleo recipes out there. I encourage you to hunt down some more and enjoy experimenting!


If you have a Paleo recipe that has your kids begging for more, I would love to hear it! Comment below.

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