Top Paleo Blogs: Our Favorite Paleo Bloggers Right Now!

Top Paleo Blogs: Our Favorite Paleo Bloggers Right Now!


Between a little vacation time, a little work, and lots of hours standup paddle boarding on the river, we’ve rounded up a list of what we feel are the Top Paleo Blogs out there right now. Check ‘em out below and let us know if there’s another Paleo blog you think we should add to the list…

Freckled Italian

Megan, the magician behind the Freckled Italian, is a self-professed lover of “running, cooking, coffee, Paleo food, and laughing really hard.” Funny, so are we! Now, here’s what (else) we really like about the Freckled Italian blog: there’s more than just Paleo eating and Paleo lifestyle going on—the Freckled Italian has a style section! As in: cute dresses, stylish handbags, sparkly shoes, floral patterns, horizontal stripes, dangly necklaces, and more. Because why wouldn’t you want to follow a Paleo recipe while simultaneously getting ideas for what to wear that evening? All we need now is the men’s (or gender neutral) version of the Freckled Italian, ‘cause, you know, traditional gender roles are so passé

Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed (Ingredients For A Happy Life)

At Paleo Eats we like getting into the thick of it, whether we’re talking ingredients, recipes, life, emotions, or relationships. And that’s exactly what Melissa does in her blog, she gets into it. Aside from having two (soon to be three?) Paleo cookbooks out, Melissa also talks about the emotions involved with and surrounding our eating habits. In her post, Hunger Vs. Emotional Appetite, Melissa touches on some pretty important things, like:

  • Setting kitchen hours and sticking to them. 
  • Eating at the table. 
  • Eliminating electronics while eating. 
  • Eating slowly and chewing well.

In other words, being present for your meals and, consequently, for yourself. That’s huge! And yet we forget to do these things regularly. For a good reminder, check out the post and more of Melissa’s self-care-centered reading at Well Fed.

The Spunky Coconut

Three reasons we heart The Spunky Coconut blog: it’s gluten-free + dairy-free + Paleo-friendly. It also mixes it up a bit, offering posts about allergen-free recipes, useful travel tips, natural skin care, DIY projects, and (yes!) organic paleo makeup! The Spunky Coconut also has a neat Tools & More section where you can get handy printouts to help you plan (& keep costs down) for your Paleo lifestyle. Click on the Tools tab and you’ll find things like a CostCo Paleo Shopping guide, an Easy Paleo Meal Plan, and more. Get into your spunky side by giving this fun Paleo blog a thorough weekly read.

Paleo Eats

Yup, our very own Paleo Eats Blog is on our list of Top Paleo Blogs (duh)! The words… simply peak for themselves. Go ahead, get into some of our other awesome posts here, here, and here. Then talk to us, let us know what you think—we’d love to hear from you.

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