Where to Buy Paleo Eats Bars Online + Paleo Fun Facts

Where to Buy Paleo Eats Bars Online + Paleo Fun Facts

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For this month’s blog post, we’re going to check in, say hello, do a quick roundup of where you can find our Paleo bars for sale online, and then leave you with 5 Paleo fun facts to munch on until next month.

Buy Our Amazing Paleo Bars Online!

With school, work, and life in full swing, finding out where you can buy Paleo bars online is ideal. To help meet you half way with your busy schedule, we’ve made it easy for you to buy Paleo Eats bars on Amazon. You can also buy our delicious Paleo bars, including a variety sample pack, through our Paleo Eats site.

Warning: because our Chair Spice, Chocolate Coconut, and Coffee Bean are all neck and neck when it comes to taste, choosing a flavor could be tricky. 

Going Paleo: 5 Things You Might Not Know

  1. While meat is a staple of the Paleo diet, eating platefuls of meat is not what the Paleo lifestyle is about. It’s more about incorporating moderate amounts of quality meat, healthy carbohydrates, and good fats, while cutting out inflammatory foods, including nutrient-poor processed foods.
  2. Because it involves nixing dairy, grains, and legumes, a Paleo-influenced lifestyle can help decrease the amount of stress put on your digestive system.
  3. Just because you “go Paleo” doesn’t mean you have to be a CrossFit fanatic, or even do CrossFit at all. While many CrossFitters do tend to adopt the Paleo diet, not all Paleo-lovers do CrossFit. While they often see a lot of overlap, CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle are mutually exclusive. That means you can choose to kettle bell, tire fling, or simply go for a walk and still live a Paleo-driven life.
  4. Because the Paleo diet does not champion sugar, once your body and your mind have reoriented and no longer crave sugar (note: getting to the point of no sugar cravings is hard, but you can do it, especially with these tips), many, many (many) things in your life will see improvement. 
  5. Remember to add in fermented foods (to any diet, including a Paleo one). Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha are packed with health bacteria that’s essential and beneficial for your digestive system.

That’s all for this month’s Paleo Eats blog. Oh, and we couldn’t keep it a secret…

While the final results for Paleo Magazine’s “Best Of” have yet to be revealed, we’re proud to say that Paleo Eats bars has been nominated for two categories: Best Paleo Bar and Best Paleo Hiking Grub! Are you as excited as we are? Thought so. Go ahead, fill up your shopping cart with a box or two of our Paleo bars and we’ll see you next month!

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